Yip Chun Hong Kong

Spending time with GM Yip Chun was something very special for us. For Master Trevor Jefferson it was much more. It was a long time since he met Sigung Yip Chun, the last time was at the opening of the Yip Man Museum in Foshan 2002.

In 1985, he met him for the first time and in 1986 he showed him the double blade form Baat Cham Dao and in 1987 he checked the movements. Master Trevor learned a lot from him and Sigung Yip Chun allowed him to develop his own ways.

In 1986 Trevor was involved in the well-recorded production of „The Original Wing Chun„. When GM Yip Chun travelled across Europe to spread the Wing Chun, one person remembered him in his book „Wing Chun Skill and Philosophy“ on page 102, „Trevor was the most educated person I have met „That was in Newcastle.“

We visited GM Yip Chun on three days and spent time with him. When we arrived at the Ving Tsun Athletic Association on the first day, he asked Trevor the question, „Are you still drinking?“ And Trevor asked him, „Are you still smoking?“ They had not changed, and they answered the question with a laugh. After the lessons, we were invited to tea and lunch with Yip Chun.

We liked him very much and the training with his students gave us much pleasure. It was nice to see his methods and watch him at the Chi Sao. He exudes joy, tranquillity, and humanity. GM Yip Chun always has a smile and is very fit for 93 years, both mentally and physically. GM Yip Chun is a giant example for any learning Wing Chun. We wish him the best in the future.



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